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Sure odds

Pesaodds is the biggest and the most active site when it comes to sure odds and mega jackpot and midweek jackpot predictions and analysis.
We are an online community that gives betting odds and predictions at a fare price that is affordable to everyone.
Get either sportpesa midweek jackpot predictions by paying ksh.175 or mega jackpot predictions this week by paying ksh.180 to Mpesa TILL NUMBER 9591647.
When we offer Sure odds means that the predictions that we give are more accurate than most of the tips on other sites. From the free tips ,it is evident that we are all rounded even to those that cannot afford.
Sportpesa games
Football games are so many and very popular and such, at pesaodds we have taken keen interest in football games more than the other games.
They offer the most clear odds and many people are able to associate more with football. Although other games feature widely at pesaodds we make special consideration to football lovers.
Odds are prices given to a particular probability and the greater the probability of the event you are betting on, the less the reward and vice versa.
Sure odds is a strategy when you place bets considering all the possible events of an event and in this case football.
Pesaodds shows these cases where with bets on each outcome at different betting sites you are guaranteed a win.
Betting is gambling and therefore it is hard for anyone to overlook any chance of failure because anything like injuries and weather changes and conditions can affect the results but with pesaodds you limit risks of loosing a bet with our well analyzed results and mega jackpot analysis.
You can get our sportpesa midweek jackpot and sportpesa mega jackpot predictions this week for free when you join any of our premium plans.

Our games Predictions

We upload our predictions before each match giving you plenty of time to place your bets and make as many bets as possible with our possible outcomes in each game. Although, we take time to analyse,we do that to ensure that you have the best football betting tips today.
Sure odds cannot be found in just any other place but pesaodds that are expert in football betting and algorithmic analysis in Kenya.
Take time to check through our free tips and see for yourself what we’ve been telling you and don’t forget to subscribe to our premium tips to receive all this sure odds and jackpot prediction.
In addition you will receive sportpesa mega jackpot prediction and sportpesa midweek jackpot predictions and analysis all in one account.
Reach us through 0708917579.

Premium Tips Kenya| Free Betting Tips Kenya| Sportpesa Betting Tips

Premium tips,premium odds,free betting tips

Premium tips Kenya

Are you looking for the best and the cheapest jackpot predictions,premium tips and analysis? Then look no further because we are here to offer the service to you.

At Pesaodds, we have a proven record of winners and jackpot bonuses winners from all over the country.

You can get midweek jackpot Predictions by paying ksh.15 and mega jackpot prediction by paying ksh.180 to Mpesa TILL NUMBER 9591647.

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Free midweek jackpot and mega jackpot predictions

We have embarked therefore on a mission to making our services even better and worthwhile by making them cheap and affordable and our predictions more accurate and profitable.

Most premium tips elsewhere are not win guaranteed as you are not sure of how they arrived at the odds choosen but we have changed that.

We want to ensure that whatever tips we have are well elaborate and are followed by a detailed analysis. With our team of esteemed tipsters,we do  great research for you and give you some greatly analyzed tips and predictions for daily wins.

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Free betting tips

We have also introduced the free tips that are mostly hard to get elsewhere and which are suited to cater for those that cannot afford the premium tips. Click here to get free odds today.

Though not well detailed as the premium tips, we advise that you subscribe to the premium tips as soon as you win with the free  tips as  to enjoy more detailed analysis on our site and more predictions plus the midweek and the mega jackpot predictions.

Another quality services when you subscribe to our  premium tips is that they come in handy with the free jackpot predictions and tips.

This we do as to encourage you to make as many bets as possible to increase your chances of winnings.

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With the premium odds we, strive to get the most precise soccer and football predictions according to criteria like , current team performance,Historical datas of the teams playing together, injuries,and weather conditions among others.

We have known in time the value of calculated mathematical analysis and use of algorithm to make predictions. This is why we are the best in this field.

Sportpesa Tips| Sportpesa Odds| Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions

Sportpesa odds, sportpesa tips,Sportpesa prediction

Sportpesa odds

You can get the latest of the sportpesa odds and predictions pesaodds. We are the best in East and Central Africa.

Our services are unbeaten given the number of winners we have produced on sportpesa and other betting sites.

It is hard to underline the fact that we are not only tips and odds providers but we are the best in terms of football analysis and the mega jackpot tips and analysis for which we help hundreds of Kenyans get mega jackpot bonus and midweek jackpot bonus.

To get our midweek jackpot predictions pay ksh.150 or ksh.180 for mega jackpot assured predictions  to Mpesa TILL NUMBER 9591647.

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For the many years in service, we have seen tremendous growth and the number of games we have on our sites.

From across the globe and in all major leagues are well represented from the English premier league, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and Spanish La-liga thanks to sportpesa where we base our predictions from.

Our reputation

At Pesaodds odds we are aware of the risk in betting that is why it is called gambling and that is why we strive to maintain an accuracy above 90% on our sportpesa jackpot predictions and sportpesa odds that we provide.

Those that have subscribed to our premium services will get access to much better sportpesa odds and highly accurate predictions than those that are enjoying the free tips only.

We have some quality services that we strive to offer at Pesaodds including the midweek jackpot predictions and analysis and the mega jackpot analysis and predictions.

The two jackpots on sportpesa are updated on a weekly basis with 17 and 13 pre-selected games respectively mostly football.

At pesaodds, We fully analyse the 30 games and give correct predictions as soon as the sportpesa odds are released and that is what makes our services more competitive and a market leader in football tips.

We don’t delay the tips to make sure you make informed decisions while betting . Remember, our  football tips are always accompanied by a detailed analysis the first in East and Central Africa.

All we advise you to do is to subscribe to premium service of choice and and access our football tips while you enjoy the mega jackpot and midweek jackpot predictions absolutely free.

Get our free odds today here Free betting tips.

Sportpesa Free Tips Today

Sportpesa games,sportpesa free tips

Sportpesa free tips

Sportpesa as a betting company is the biggest betting site in Africa. It has games drawn from across the world.

From major leagues in the world to the smallest leagues in the world are all included in the betting category.

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Get our daily sportpesa free tips.
The games placed on their site is a well calculated investment by the betting companies and need to be careful when placing a bet is paramount.

Get free sportpesa betting tips here Sportpesa odds.

Many people view betting as a hobby and do it for fun  rather than an income generating activity and hence are not able to strike a balance to bet responsibly.

Ignorant of this punters mostly place their bets and are defeated in the long run.
We always encourage bettors to bet responsibly and make betting an income activity. Betting requires insight and full knowledge of the matches played.

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Our reputation

At pesaodds we have cut a niche in the market to  offer betting tips and  analysis to our esteemed clients and followers.

We now have sample free tips at the top that is special and it’s only us that have introduced the  service. You can bet with  the free tips as a multibet to make maximum income from them or you can place separate bets if you can stake high.

Our Premium plans

At pesaodds we want to make an assurance that we deliver results by giving you the trial tips that we are calling free tips.
Guided by results orientation,Profitability and reliability,we have  most of our games predicted correctly and detailed analysis by our expert tipsters given before any predictions.

Our betting experts make use of the resources and efforts into making your sports betting betting as profitable as possible.
What makes our resource more unique is because we provide our users with soccer and football predictions on a daily basis.

Here you will find sportpesa free tips,today’s soccer fixtures including midweek and mega jackpot analysis.

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Reach us through 0708917579.

Sportpesa Betting Tips| Premium Tips| Free Betting Tips

Sportpesa betting tips,sportpesa betting tips sites,sportpesa betting app

We are best website in Kenya when it comes to offering free sportpesa betting tips. Our daily free sportpesa betting tips are win guaranteed.

Our betting tips are analyzed by our highly experienced tipsters to help you win daily. Our bets are meant for those who are tired of losing their bets.

This is your golden chance to say goodbye to losing matches.

We also offer daily 7-18 MUST WIN premium odds tailored just for you.

Increase you daily profits with our premium odds. Below are our premium packages

  • 7 Days package @ksh.450.
  • 21 Days package @ksh.950.
  • 42 Days package @ksh.1500.

Pay for the premium package of choice to Mpesa TILL NUMBER 9591647.

Once payment is verified you will receive a link to your from 0708917579 from where you will be getting daily free odds, multibets, sure betting tips, premium odds daily and free midweek and free mega jackpot predictions all in one account. Our odds are risk free. Join us to change your winning streaks in betting forever.

You can also get either midweek jackpot or mega jackpot by paying  ksh.180 to Mpesa TILL NUMBER 9591647.

The jackpot predictions will be sent via SMS once payment is verified. Our tipsters work on the predictions for a whole week to ensure you get the most probable combinations  of jackpot predictions that will ensure bonuses. Get our predictions today.

Remember you get free jackpot predictions of mega jackpot and midweek jackpot whenever you purchase any of our premium packages.

To learn more about our premium packages click Premium plans.

            Sportpesa app

Simplify you betting experience with sportpesa app.To download the latest Sportpesa app click here Sportpesa aapp apk.

Remember your smartphone’s android version should be 4.1.1 or higher.

For any enquiries on any of our services text or WhatsApp 0708917579.


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