Sportstake 13 Tips and Predictions

sportstake 13 tips and predictions

Are you ready to elevate your Sportstake 13 betting strategy? At PesaOdds, we specialise in providing unparalleled Sportstake 13 tips and predictions, giving you the insider edge to outsmart the odds. We understand that our savvy bettors are familiar with the basics of Sportstake 13; therefore, let’s dive right into why our predictions are a game-changer for your betting experience.

Why Choose PesaOdds for Your Sportstake 13 Tips and Predictions?

At PesaOdds, we elevate your Sportstake 13 experience. Our specialised focus on sportstake 13 tips and predictions means you’re equipped not just with general advice but with targeted insights that address each of the 13 matches. Whether tackling the sportstake 13 midweek fixture tips or strategizing for the weekend, we blend comprehensive match analysis, team updates, and player conditions to optimise your betting strategy. With PesaOdds, you get more than predictions; you gain a betting edge that’s rooted in deep analytical rigour and a passion for soccer. Trust us to boost your chances in every sportstake 13 fixture weekend prediction and beyond.

Sportstake 13 Midweek Fixture Tips – 19th June

Gear up for midweek action with PesaOdds’ tailored Sportstake 13 midweek fixture tips. Each game is scrutinised to bring you the most accurate predictions, helping you make strategic picks that enhance your odds of securing a win. Here’s our expert analysis for this week’s midweek fixtures:

Match Prediction
Germany vs Hungary 1
Baladiyet El Mahallah vs Pyramids 2
Ceramiza Cleopatra vs Modern Future 1
Scotland vs Switzerland 2
Atletico Go vs Criciuma 2
Botafogo vs Atletico PR 1
Fortaleza vs Gremio 1
Juventude vs Vasco da Gama 1
Sao Paulo vs Cuiaba 1
Cruzeiro vs Fluminense 1
Internacional vs Corinthians 2
Slovenia vs Serbia 1
Denmark vs England 1

Sportstake 13 Fixture Weekend Predictions – 22nd June

As the weekend rolls in, it’s time to prepare your bets with PesaOdds’ Sportstake 13 fixture weekend predictions. We’ve analysed the upcoming matches to provide you with tips that can turn the tides in your favour. Check out our predictions for this weekend’s Sportstake 13 lineup:

Match Prediction
Almagro vs Nuevo C hicago 1
Defensores de Belgrano vs Gimnasia Mendoza X
Deportivo Madryn vs Estudiantes de Rio Cuarto 2
Brown de Adrogue vs Deportivo Moron X
San Miguel vs Talleres 1
Belgium vs Romania 2
Criciuma vs Botafogo 2
CRB vs Guarani 1
Operario vs Botafogo 1
Cuiaba vs Atletico Go 2
Ecuador vs Venezuela 1
Vasco da Gama vs Sao Paulo 2
Mexico vs Jamaica 1

Sportstake 13 Results and Payouts

Stay updated with the latest outcomes and financial rewards with our detailed Sportstake 13 results section. We provide comprehensive breakdowns of both midweek and weekend games, so you can track how well your predictions turned out and understand the payouts associated with them.

Sportstake 13 Midweek Results

Here’s where you’ll find the outcomes and corresponding payouts for the Sportstake 13 midweek fixture tips. Whether you’re checking to see if you’ve scored a win or simply keeping tabs on game results, our detailed results section ensures you have all the information at your fingertips.


Division & Matches Number of Winners Payout per Winner
Division 1 45 R2,404
Division 2 670 R80.90
Division 3 4205 R17.20
Division 4 15738 R8.10


Sportstake 13 Weekend Results

Don’t miss out on the Sportstake 13 weekend predictions results and payouts. This section covers everything from who won to how much was won, providing a complete overview of the weekend’s action and its financial implications.


Division & Matches Number of Winners Payout per Winner
Division 1 9 R13,645.30
Division 2 293 R209.60
Division 3 3113 R26.30
Division 4 16871 R8.50


How to Play Sportstake 13

To participate in Sportstake 13, purchase a ticket at any National Lottery outlet. Players select their predicted outcomes for 13 predetermined matches by marking their choices on a bet slip. Matches are selected from various top-tier soccer leagues around the world, and the outcomes include a win for the home team (1), draw (X), or win for the away team (2).

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets are available from the time the fixtures are published:

  • Midweek fixtures: Tickets go on sale each Sunday from 06:00 AM until 30 minutes before the start of the first match.
  • Weekend fixtures: Tickets can be bought from Thursday, 06:00 AM until 30 minutes before the first game kicks off.

How to Win

Winning in Sportstake 13 involves correctly predicting the outcomes of at least 10 out of the 13 matches. The game has four prize divisions:

  • 13 correct predictions: First Division
  • 12 correct predictions: Second Division
  • 11 correct predictions: Third Division
  • 10 correct predictions: Fourth Division

The prize for each division is a percentage of the total prize pool, which is derived from 50% of the total sales for that draw.

Claiming Prizes

  • Prizes up to R2000: Can be claimed at any National Lottery retail outlet.
  • Prizes between R2000 and R50000: Must be claimed at your nearest post office.
  • Prizes exceeding R50000: Require a visit to an ITHUBA regional office to claim.


Checking Results

Sportstake 13 results are published after the last match of the fixture list concludes. Results can be checked at National Lottery outlets or on the National Lottery website.

Additional Features

PROPICK: This is a quick-play option that uses a computerised system to predict outcomes on behalf of the player, based on statistical analysis and randomised selection. It’s ideal for players who prefer not to select the outcomes themselves.


At PesaOdds, we’re dedicated to boosting your Sportstake 13 success through expert analysis and accurate predictions. With our deep dive into each match, whether for the Sportstake 13 midweek fixture tips or the Sportstake 13 fixture weekend predictions, we provide you with the insights necessary to make informed bets. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every tip we offer maximises your potential to win big payout.

We understand the complexities of predicting sports outcomes, and that’s why our team focuses on providing detailed, research-backed predictions that take into account everything from player form and team dynamics to historical data and current trends. This strategic edge is what makes PesaOdds your ideal partner in navigating the exciting world of Sportstake 13.

Whether you’re checking the latest Sportstake 13 results and payouts or looking for reliable predictions, remember that consistent, well-informed betting strategies are key to maximising your winnings. With PesaOdds, you have access to a wealth of information and tips, updated regularly to reflect the latest conditions and data.

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Sportstake Tips and Predictions: FAQs Corner

Where can I purchase Sportstake 13 tickets?

Tickets can be bought at any licensed National Lottery outlet across South Africa. They are available from the time the fixture list is published until 30 minutes before the first game starts.

Can I buy Sportstake 13 tickets online?

Yes, tickets can also be purchased online via the National Lottery website, allowing for convenient play from home.


What happens if a match on the Sportstake 13 list is cancelled?
If any match listed in the Sportstake 13 fixtures is cancelled, all predictions for that match are automatically deemed correct for all players.

Can I play multiple draws in advance with Sportstake 13?

No, Sportstake 13 does not support the option to play multiple draws in advance. Each draw must be played individually.

What is PROPICK and how does it work?

PROPICK is a feature that automatically selects the outcomes on a player’s behalf. It uses a combination of statistical analysis and randomization to predict match results, simplifying the selection process for the player.

How are Sportstake 13 winnings calculated?

Winnings are determined based on the number of correct predictions a player makes. The total prize pool is divided into four divisions, with the pool percentage allocated differently depending on how many matches are predicted correctly.

What are the odds of winning the Sportstake 13 jackpot?

The odds of predicting all 13 matches correctly are approximately 1 in 1,594,323.

How do I claim my Sportstake 13 winnings?

Prizes up to R2000 can be claimed at any National Lottery retail outlet. Prizes between R2000 and R50000 must be claimed at the nearest post office, while prizes over R50000 need to be claimed at an ITHUBA regional office.

What happens to unclaimed Sportstake 13 prizes?

Unclaimed prizes are rolled over to the prize pool for future draws, adding to the potential winnings for upcoming games.

Are the Sportstake 13 results available immediately after the last match?

Results are typically available shortly after the conclusion of the last match of the fixture list. They can be accessed at any National Lottery outlet or on the National Lottery’s official website.

Can I use one bet slip to play both PROPICK and my own selections?

No, you cannot use the same bet slip to play both PROPICK and manual selections. If you wish to use both methods, you need to fill out separate bet slips.

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