Introduction to PesaOdds

PesaOdds.com is a premier destination for football betting predictions and tips, providing enthusiasts, bettors, and fans with tips, insights and analysis to enhance their betting strategies.

Our platform stands out for its high-potential betting tips, aiming to transform betting from guesswork into a more informed and strategic practice.

Why We Exist

The thrill of soccer isn’t just in the game itself but also in the anticipation and excitement of predicting match outcomes. PesaOdds was founded to serve this very excitement, offering detailed predictions that go beyond simple win-lose outcomes. Our predictions are crafted from a sophisticated mix of analytical rigor, expert intuition, and an in-depth examination of various influential factors.

When it comes to serving with betting tips, our aim is to come up with high-potential betting tips. This means we maximize our tips, winning more than anything else. As such, you will not be surprised to find out we have a relatively higher winning rate compared to other betting tips websites.

Our Edge

What sets PesaOdds apart is our commitment to accuracy, comprehensiveness, and user experience. Our dedicated team of analysts and experts employs sophisticated algorithms to provide comprehensive betting tips, ensuring each prediction is backed by thorough research and analysis.

Thus our edge is enhanced by our unique prediction algorithm and an experienced team of experts that make sure each bet receives maximum attention.

We also streamline our resources at predictions to only ‘goals’. This means our predictions are related to only goals. We don’t give three-way betting tips.

Also, our betting tips are forever free all-day. Experience high quality betting tips and prediction at absolutely no price.

Our Services

Here are some of popular types of football predictions that we offer:

Access this page for the entire catalog of betting tips for each day. This page has all the predictions for the day

Here we offer daily curated 3 to 3.99 odds for a select match prediction each day. This is make sure your process selects sure bet prediction is simplified as much as possible.

  • Jackpot Predictions

For our Kenyan users, we provide:

  • We give Sportpesa Midweek Jackpot Prediction for free every week. This jackpot has 13 matches played between the week. Our goal is to get at least 11/13 correct sportpesa jackpot prediction so that you can earn a bonus.
  • We also give Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Prediction every weekend. This jackpot has 17 matches and a payout of at least Ksh.200,000,000. Our goal is to get at least 14/17 correct predictions every week.
  • Finally, we give Betika Midweek Jackpot Prediction which has a total payout of ksh.15,000,000. Our goal is to get at least 13/15 correct betika jackpot prediction every week.


  • Over/Under Goals Betting Tips

We also have Accurate Over 1.5 Tips and Predictions Today if you are looking for just over 1.5 betting tips.

  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Betting Tips

If you are looking for just BTTS betting tips, please Both Teams to Score Predictions for Today.

Navigating Soccer Betting Tips

We provide a unique approach to soccer betting tips, focusing on goal-based predictions to offer insights into the expected match dynamics. Our predictions consider factors like team formations, head-to-head records, player injuries, and more, enhancing the betting experience from speculation to informed decision-making.


What Makes PesaOdds Different?

PesaOdds stands out for its high winning rate (around 90%), comprehensive coverage of leagues and tournaments, sophisticated prediction algorithms, and dedication to free, accessible betting tips and analysis.

How Accurate Are PesaOdds Predictions?

Our predictions boast an impressive average winning rate, supported by data-driven analysis and a deep understanding of soccer dynamics. We have various features that show in real-time the results of predictions and the overall winning rate for the played predictions. On average, our winning rate ranges around 80% – 90%.

Can I Access PesaOdds Predictions for Free?

Yes, all soccer and football predictions on PesaOdds are free, reflecting our commitment to making betting information accessible to all. All these betting tips are presented in a friendly website that optimizes tips first. This means what you see first on each page is the football predictions being offered.

How Can I Trust PesaOdds Predictions?

Trust in our predictions is built on our transparent performance stats, real-time results tracking, and a consistent history of accuracy. Visit our Yesterday Results and “Betting Tips Performance Stats” sections for a detailed performance review for each of the betting predictions we offer.


PesaOdds.com is more than just a prediction site; it’s a platform for soccer enthusiasts and bettors seeking to deepen their connection with the sport we all love. With a focus on reliability, comprehensiveness, and user-centric design, PesaOdds aims to be your go-to source for soccer and football predictions.


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