Football Betting Prediction Today

Match Time Prediction Odds Result
Palmeiras vs Cruzeiro 00:00 Under 4.5 1.08 2-0
Wilstermann vs San Antonio Bulo Bulo 00:00 Under 4.5 1.05 0-1
Ferro Carril Oeste vs San Martín San Juan 00:05 Under 4.5 1.01 0-0
Austin vs Charlotte 00:30 Under 4.5 1.12 2-2
Minnesota United vs SJ Earthquakes 00:30 Over 1.5 1.13 2-0
Santos Laguna vs Tigres UANL 01:00 BTTS Yes 1.62 0-3
Monterrey vs Querétaro 01:00 Over 2.5 1.75 2-1
Cruz Azul vs Toluca 03:05 Under 3.5 1.22 Subscribe
Juárez vs América 03:10 Under 4.5 1.14 Subscribe
RSC Anderlecht vs Metz 09:00 Under 4.5 0.0 Post.
Incheon United vs Suwon 10:00 Under 4.5 1.11 Subscribe
Gimpo Citizen vs Anyang 10:00 Under 4.5 1.04 Subscribe
Seoul E-Land vs Cheonan City 10:00 Under 4.5 1.09 Subscribe
Östersunds FK vs Degerfors 11:00 Under 4.5 1.12 Subscribe
Sandviken vs Utsikten 11:00 Under 4.5 1.14 Subscribe
Valmiera / BSS vs Grobiņa 11:00 Under 4.5 1.21 Subscribe
Eintracht Braunschweig vs Energie Cottbus 11:00 Under 4.5 0.0 Subscribe
Beijing Guoan vs Tianjin Teda 11:35 Over 1.5 1.18 Subscribe
Víkingur Ólafsvík vs Fjardabyggd / Leiknir 12:00 Over 1.5 0.0 Subscribe
Mariehamn vs SJK 12:00 Under 4.5 1.15 Subscribe
Vålerenga II vs Grorud 12:00 Over 1.5 0.0 Subscribe
Baranovichi vs Molodechno-DYuSSh 4 12:00 Under 4.5 0.0 Subscribe
AZ vs Köln 12:00 Over 2.5 0.0 Subscribe
Strømsgodset vs Tromsø 12:30 Under 4.5 1.13 Subscribe
Kjelsås vs Stjørdals-Blink 12:30 Over 1.5 0.0 Subscribe
MKK-Dnepr vs Ostrovets FC 12:30 Over 1.5 0.0 Subscribe
Skövde AIK vs Brage 13:00 Under 3.5 1.44 Subscribe
Tromsdalen vs Junkeren 13:00 Over 1.5 0.0 Subscribe
Auda vs Liepāja 13:00 Under 4.5 1.09 Subscribe
Liverpool FC Montevideo vs Cerro 13:00 Under 4.5 1.07 Subscribe
Selfoss vs Völsungur 14:00 Over 2.5 1.26 Subscribe
Tallinna FC Levadia vs Kuressaare 14:00 Under 4.5 1.25 Subscribe
Grêmio vs Vitória 14:00 Under 4.5 1.05 Subscribe
IFK Göteborg vs Västerås SK 14:30 Under 4.5 1.15 Subscribe
Elfsborg vs Mjällby 14:30 Under 4.5 1.14 Subscribe
Al Masry vs Al Mokawloon 14:30 Under 4.5 1.07 Subscribe
HamKam vs Fredrikstad 15:00 Under 4.5 1.1 Subscribe
Haugesund vs Viking 15:00 Under 4.5 1.22 Subscribe
Neftekhimik vs Ufa 15:00 Under 3.5 1.21 Subscribe
San Telmo vs Deportivo Morón 15:10 Under 3.5 1.1 Subscribe
KuPS vs Lahti 15:30 Under 4.5 1.15 Subscribe
Paide vs Tallinna Kalev 16:00 Under 4.5 1.15 Subscribe
Rosenborg vs Lillestrøm 17:15 Under 4.5 1.25 Subscribe
Defensores Unidos vs Gimnasia y Tiro 18:00 Under 3.5 1.07 Subscribe
Atlético Ottawa vs Valour FC 18:00 Over 1.5 1.25 Subscribe
River Plate vs Lanús 18:00 Under 4.5 1.12 Subscribe
ENPPI vs Masr 18:00 Under 4.5 1.02 Subscribe
El Daklyeh FC vs Zamalek 18:00 Under 4.5 1.14 Subscribe
Atlético Grau vs Universitario 18:00 Under 4.5 1.07 Subscribe
Deportivo Maipú vs Guillermo Brown 18:30 Under 3.5 1.12 Subscribe
Deportivo Madryn vs Gimnasia Mendoza 18:30 Under 4.5 1.04 Subscribe
Gimnasia Jujuy vs Agropecuario 19:00 Under 4.5 1.01 Subscribe
Cobresal vs Universidad Chile 19:00 Under 4.5 1.18 Subscribe
Atlético Mineiro vs Vasco da Gama 19:00 Under 4.5 1.07 Subscribe
Bahia vs Corinthians 19:00 Under 4.5 1.1 Subscribe
Guarani vs Goiás 19:00 Under 3.5 1.18 Subscribe
Peñarol vs Fénix 19:00 Under 4.5 1.06 Subscribe
Breidablik vs KR 19:15 Over 1.5 1.06 Subscribe
Racing Córdoba vs Patronato 20:00 Under 4.5 1.02 Subscribe
General Caballero JLM vs Sportivo Luqueño 20:00 Under 4.5 1.05 Subscribe
Carlos Manucci vs Unión Comercio 20:00 Under 4.5 1.12 Subscribe
Caracas vs Rayo Zuliano 20:00 Under 4.5 1.04 Subscribe
Central Córdoba SdE vs Platense 20:15 Under 4.5 1.07 Subscribe
Estudiantes vs Unión Santa Fe 20:15 Under 4.5 1.04 Subscribe
Talleres Remedios vs Chacarita Juniors 20:30 Under 4.5 1.01 Subscribe
Cavalry FC vs Forge FC 21:00 Under 4.5 1.09 Subscribe
Colo-Colo vs Unión Española 21:30 Under 4.5 1.2 Subscribe
Fortaleza vs Atlético GO 21:30 Under 4.5 1.08 Subscribe
Juventude vs São Paulo 21:30 Under 4.5 1.06 Subscribe
Botafogo SP vs Brusque 21:30 Under 4.5 1.04 Subscribe
Boston River vs Danubio 21:30 Under 4.5 0.0 Subscribe
Atlético Nacional vs América de Cali 22:45 Under 4.5 1.06 Subscribe
Vélez Sarsfield vs Talleres Córdoba 23:00 Under 4.5 1.05 Subscribe
Cuiabá vs Fluminense 23:00 Under 3.5 1.18 Subscribe
Deportivo Táchira vs Zamora 23:00 Under 4.5 1.04 Subscribe

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Football Betting Prediction Today: Your Expert Guide to Securing Wins

The world of football is not just a game of skill on the pitch; it is also a complex dance of strategy when it comes to the betting arena. With each match comes the opportunity to predict outcomes and secure wins, but it takes more than luck or wishful thinking to place successful bets. At, we provide bettors with high potential betting tips, grounded in thorough analysis and expert insights, to transform guesses into educated bets.

Our strategy is a simple one of looking for the highest value attainable. This at times comes from low odds betting tips and we don’t shy away from offering such football betting predictions.

Let’s delve into the art of football betting prediction today employed by Pesaodds and uncover the strategies that could likely lead to high potential winnings.

The Art of Football Betting Prediction

Football betting predictions are a blend of science and intuition, combining detailed statistical analysis with seasoned expertise. In today’s fast-paced sports betting world, these predictions are more crucial than ever. They guide bettors in navigating the myriad of matches, helping them to identify the games and markets with the highest potential for return.

At the core of accurate predictions is a deep understanding of the game, including team strategies, player forms, and historical performance data. With the age of big data upon us, it is more easy to find the key statistics to help form a statistical decision on the direction a particular football match will result. By synthesizing this information and expert knowledge, offers predictions that don’t just follow the crowd but seek the edge that can make all the difference when it matters.

Strategies for Making Informed Football Bets

To enhance your betting efficacy, it is essential to embrace certain strategies which are core to what we also believe in:

  • Research is Key: Dive into the latest team and player performances, injuries, and suspensions. The more information you have, the better your bets will be. We try as much as possible to remove emotions and bias from our football predictions analysis process.
  • Understand the Markets: Different markets offer different risks and rewards. Whether it’s the straightforward match-winner or the more complex correct score prediction, knowing where to place your bet is vital. only focuses on goal-related football predictions. Other betting tips websites like Betting Tips 1×2 and Forebet gives predictions in terms of actual scores expected.
  • Keep Up with News and Trends: Football is ever-evolving. Staying updated with the latest news can provide invaluable insights for your predictions. This is key in complementing your statistical methodology of predicting the outcome of a football match.

Understanding Odds and Their Implications

Odds are the cornerstone of betting, reflecting the likelihood of various outcomes. They can be a guide to what the betting community and bookmakers expect to happen in a match. However, odds also represent value. Learning to spot when odds are over or undervalued is an essential skill for any bettor.

For instance, odds of 1.15 on a traditionally high-scoring team to score may be safer but not offer value, while odds of 1.5 on an underdog in a favorable situation might. PesaOdds’ strategic approach to offering betting tips takes this into account

How to Utilize Football Betting Predictions Effectively

Incorporating predictions from football betting predictions sites like PesaOdds into your betting strategy can significantly increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips:

  • Selective Betting: Don’t bet on every game. Use your own knowledge and intuition to narrow down the matches offered to the preferred number you would like to wager for the day. Be careful when it comes to football accumulator tips as picking too many matches also increases your chances of losing your bet.
  • Risk Management: Use a staking plan to manage your bets and avoid emotional betting. Remember betting should be a recreation activity and not a money generating scheme/strategy.
  • Record Keeping: Track your bets to analyze your performance over time and iterate your strategy to keep growing and becoming better at selecting your football betting predictions.

In the dynamic world of football betting, predictions are your compass to navigate the turbulent waters of odds and probabilities. At, our predictions are crafted with the bettor’s success in mind, offering a beacon of insight in the ever-complicated betting landscape. Remember, informed betting is smart betting.

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It refers to the forecasted outcomes of football matches occurring on a given day, based on statistical analysis and expert opinion. PesaOdds is known for its high potential football betting predictions that are offered for everyday’s football matches.

Stay informed on team news, understand market movements, and learn from past betting experiences. You can also use football betting prediction sites like PesaOdds that are reputable and resourceful when it comes to narrowing down key football predictions of the day.

While no prediction is foolproof, using reputable sources like increases the likelihood of accuracy. Remember to also employ your own research to the football predictions given. is your go-to platform for daily high-potential betting tips backed by comprehensive analysis. Other sources include Forebet and Betting Tips 1x2.

Reliable predictions are regularly updated to reflect real-time changes, including player injuries and other unforeseen events. Features like live betting offered by betting companies also captures the reality of a live match.

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