Tyumen vs Akron Stats and Prediction

Tyumen vs Akron
Tyumen Form:

Akron Form:

Kick Off:
Under 4.5

Based on the statistics from the 2024 season, we can see that Tyumen has played in multiple matches where the total number of goals scored was under 4.5. In fact, in every single match they played, the total goals scored were under 4.5. This shows that Tyumen is a team that tends to play defensively and does not score many goals. On the other hand, while Akron also has a high percentage of matches with under 4.5 total goals scored in the 2024 season (80%), they have played in some matches where the total goals scored were over 4.5. This indicates that Akron may be more likely to score goals, but they also have the ability to play defensively and keep the total goals under 4.5. Overall, these figures suggest that there is a high likelihood of the ‘Under 4.5’ happening in the match between Tyumen and Akron.

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