Shimizu S-Pulse vs Tochigi Stats and Prediction

Shimizu S-Pulse vs Tochigi
Shimizu S-Pulse Form:

Tochigi Form:

Kick Off:
Over 1.5

In the current 2023/2024 season, Shimizu S-Pulse has played in several matches where there have been over 1.5 total goals scored. In fact, in 40% of their matches, there have been at least two goals scored. On the other hand, Tochigi has had a higher percentage of matches with over 1.5 total goals scored, at 60%. This means that in the current season, Tochigi has been involved in more high-scoring matches compared to Shimizu S-Pulse. These statistics suggest that there is a higher likelihood of the match between Shimizu S-Pulse and Tochigi ending with over 1.5 total goals scored. Both teams have shown a tendency to score and concede multiple goals in their respective matches this season. Therefore, based on these statistics, it is likely that we will see at least two goals being scored in their upcoming match.

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