Oliveira Hospital vs Pêro Pinheiro Stats and Prediction

Oliveira Hospital vs Pêro Pinheiro
Oliveira Hospital Form:

Pêro Pinheiro Form:

Kick Off:
Under 4.5

Based on the data from the 2023/2024 season, both Oliveira Hospital and Pêro Pinheiro have a high percentage of matches with under 4.5 total goals scored. This means that in most of their games, there were less than 4.5 goals scored by both teams combined. This is a strong indication that the upcoming match between these two teams is also likely to have a low scoring outcome.

The fact that Oliveira Hospital has a 100% record of matches with under 4.5 total goals scored suggests that they have a strong defensive strategy and are able to limit their opponents’ scoring opportunities. Pêro Pinheiro’s 80% record also indicates that they are not a high-scoring team and tend to have close, low-scoring games.

Overall, these statistics contribute to the likelihood of ‘Under 4.5’ happening in the upcoming match between Oliveira Hospital and Pêro Pinheiro. Both teams have a history of low-scoring matches and their defensive strategies make it unlikely for there to be more than 4.5 goals in the game.

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