Makhachkala vs Khimki Stats and Prediction

Makhachkala vs Khimki
Makhachkala Form:

Khimki Form:

Kick Off:
Under 4.5

Looking at the upcoming football match between Makhachkala and Khimki, it is worth noting that both teams have a strong record of games with a low number of goals. In the 2023/2024 season, Makhachkala has played in 100% of their matches with under 4.5 total goals scored, while Khimki has played in 80% of their matches with the same outcome. This suggests that both teams have a tendency to play defensively and focus on limiting their opponent’s scoring opportunities. Therefore, it is likely that this upcoming match will also have a low-scoring result, making the prediction of ‘Under 4.5’ a reasonable one. It is important to note that these figures are not guarantees, but they do contribute to the likelihood of a low-scoring game. Ultimately, it will depend on the specific strategies and performance of each team on the day of the match.

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