Inter Miami vs New York RB Stats and Prediction

Inter Miami vs New York RB
Inter Miami Form:

New York RB Form:

Kick Off:
Over 1.5

Based on the data, it appears that both Inter Miami and New York RB have a high likelihood of scoring at least 2 goals in their matches during the 2024 season. Inter Miami has had 100% of their matches end with over 1.5 total goals scored, while New York RB has had 80% of their matches with the same outcome. This suggests that both teams have strong offensive capabilities and are likely to continue scoring at a high rate. Furthermore, the fact that these statistics are for the 2024 season, a fairly recent time period, adds to the reliability of the prediction. Therefore, it is highly likely that the match between Inter Miami and New York RB will have over 1.5 total goals scored. Keep an eye out for a potentially exciting and high-scoring match between these two teams.

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