IMT Novi Beograd vs Novi Pazar Stats and Prediction

IMT Novi Beograd vs Novi Pazar
IMT Novi Beograd Form:

Novi Pazar Form:

Kick Off:
Under 4.5

Based on the statistics from the 2023/2024 season, both IMT Novi Beograd and Novi Pazar have a high percentage of matches with under 4.5 total goals scored, at 80%. This indicates that both teams have a tendency to play defensively and not score many goals in their matches. This also suggests that they have strong defensive strategies in place, making it difficult for their opponents to score.

Considering these factors, it is likely that the upcoming match between IMT Novi Beograd and Novi Pazar will also have a low number of goals, potentially under 4.5. This prediction is supported by the teams’ performance in the previous season, where the majority of their matches had under 4.5 total goals scored. However, it is worth noting that these statistics are not a guarantee and other factors, such as player injuries or weather conditions, can also influence the outcome of the match.

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