Excelsior vs NEC Stats and Prediction

Excelsior vs NEC
Excelsior Form:

NEC Form:

Kick Off:
Over 1.5

In the 2023/2024 season, Excelsior has a perfect record of scoring over 1.5 total goals in all their matches. This shows that they have a strong and consistent attacking style of play, making it highly likely that they will continue to score over 1.5 goals in their upcoming match against NEC. On the other hand, NEC has a slightly lower percentage of matches with over 1.5 total goals scored, at 80%. However, this still indicates that they have a tendency to score multiple goals in their matches. When facing a team like Excelsior who has a perfect record of scoring over 1.5 goals, it is highly likely that the match will end with over 1.5 total goals scored. This is due to the fact that both teams have a strong attacking presence and their past performances indicate a high likelihood of a high-scoring match.

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