Burkina vs Sierra Leone Stats and Prediction

Burkina vs Sierra Leone
Burkina Form:

Sierra Leone Form:

Kick Off:
Under 3.5

Based on the statistics for the 2023/2024 season, we can see that Burkina has a higher percentage of matches with under 3.5 total goals scored compared to Sierra Leone. This suggests that Burkina tends to play a more defensive style of football, resulting in fewer goals being scored in their matches. On the other hand, Sierra Leone has a lower percentage of matches with under 3.5 total goals scored, indicating that they may have a more attacking approach to their games.

These figures contribute to the likelihood of ‘Under 3.5’ happening as they show that Burkina has a strong track record of keeping their opponents from scoring too many goals. This could be due to their solid defense or their ability to control the pace of the game. Additionally, Sierra Leone’s lower percentage suggests that they may struggle to score multiple goals against a team like Burkina. Overall, these statistics support the prediction of ‘Under 3.5’ happening in the football match between Burkina and Sierra Leone.

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